Paper crafting ideas and tips

Paper has been used for many centuries for writing, printing, for currency, stamps, and other purposes. It is also used extensively for making decorative and other items. There are a wide variety of papers available that differ in their composition, thickness, colour, and other details. Depending on the type of paper available, Paper Crafters will either use the paper alone or combine it with different items like glue, water, flour to make different kinds of craft items

What is paper craft called ?

Paper craft is called the art of making craft items using paper or card paper. The craft items are usually handmade and are available only in limited quantities. Since they are handmade, each paper craft item is unique. While most of the paper craft products are mainly used for home decor or gifting, some of the paper craft is also sold commercially. Most schools are teaching students paper crafts as part of their art and craft lessons. Though paper crafting is usually associated with children, many adults also finding paper crafts an enjoyable and relaxing hobby, allowing them to create works of art in their free time.

What are the types of craft ?

There are many types of paper craft that involve using paper to make craft items. Quilling is one of the most popular forms of paper craft, which has become extremely popular in the last few decades. It involves taking strips of paper, usually in different colours, which are shaped, twisted, rolled, curled, or glued to form decorative designs. Quilling is widely used for greeting cards, pictures, boxes, and decorating other surfaces. Origami is another popular paper craft that originated in Japan. It involves folding the paper in various shapes to create various items for decor or other purposes. In origami only a paper sheet is required, no glue, cutting, or pasting is done. Scrapbooking involves taking paper scraps to create books where memories are recorded. Card making involves making greeting and other cards using card paper. It is popular since it is simple and the cards can be used for many applications. Paper stamping is another popular paper craft. Paper Mache is a paper craft that is used for making decorative and other items. For paper Mache, paper pieces are combined with flour, glue, water to create items of different shapes.

What can I do with craft paper ?

There are a larger number of items that Crafters can make with craft Paper. Paper lamps are easy to make and are extensively used for decoration, during festivals. Boxes and bags for packaging or storing items can be made at a low cost using craft paper, especially for decoration. The paper crafts can also be used for decorating plastic, metal tins, glass jars so that they can be reused.

Flowers and butterflies can be easily made using craft paper of different shades. The flowers can be arranged to form a bouquet or a wreath for gifting. Hats worn for parties and other occasions can also be made from craft paper. Flying kites is an enjoyable hobby, and craft paper can be used for making kites. Paper dolls and other toys for gifting and other purposes can also be made. Paper beads and coiled paper ornaments, jewelry are inexpensive, colorful, and attractive. 

Craft paper is also utilized for making paper boats, planes, frogs, and other items using origami techniques.

What can I do with scrap paper?

The reuse of scrap paper depends to a large extent on the quality and quantity of the scrap paper available. Low-quality scrap paper can be recycled to make paper that can be used for writing, packaging, and other items. The paper is shredded or torn into small pieces, mixed with water, and then dried in the sun to form paper sheets. The scrap paper can also be used for making paper Mache items, which are used for home decor and other purposes. The scrap paper, if clean, can be used for wiping the dirty hands or cleaning surfaces. In some cases, the paper can be used as mulch for filling pots for gardening. 

High-quality colorful scrap paper is widely used for making paper beads. These beads can be used for making necklaces and other products. These paper scraps can also be used for making scrapbooks, paper frames for decorative purposes. The scrap paper may be used to decorate boxes, containers, bottles, and tins.